Media, Politics and Power in the Digital Age

“Digital technology is challenging and changing established institutions on a number of fronts. From Barack Obama’s use of the Internet to drive his presidential campaign victory to the challenges faced by the “Arab Spring,” a critical understanding of digital technology is essential for today’s leaders. This course introduces students to the history of the Internet and the emerging technologies that are defining the Digital Age. The course allows students to understand the political and power structure implications of the Internet as well as the underlying technical concepts and infrastructure of digital media.”

This is the description of the class taught by Nicco Mele that I am taking this Fall 2014 at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. As we are moving along studying from the ground up the issues around the digitial world, one of my assignments is to report the readings through blog post and this is the purpose of this section.

I’ll try to make it as fun as I can, and link as often as I can to interesting contents. For the whole list of readings, you can simply check the course page.

I hope that you enjoy reading it and I look forward to engaging conversation as often as I can !


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